Farm Fest 2023!


What a spectacular time! Earlier this month I headed up to Johannesburg, Michigan for Farm Fest 2023, where I had the pleasure of spending the weekend surrounded by beautiful sights, sounds and people.I won't soon forget all of the epic bonfire jams, eclectic greenhouse stage performances (one even with a magic show!) and phenomenal main stage acts. Not to mention the soulfully-crafted cooking work of Thai (of band Distant Stars), whose effort to use locally-sourced ingredients I found to be inspiring.Shout out to everyone who helped make it all happen!

New release!

December 19th, 2023

Well dang... It's time to hit the road! Heading down south to Florida and making stops along the way. Here's what I've got.

Douglas Million

In The Luminous Dream

January 13th, 2024

Got into the collaborative flow with Douglas Million for two songs on his latest album, "In The Luminous Dream."Here, I contributed slide guitar to the bridge and crunchy chords to the final chorus on "Clean," as well as joining him on the backing vocals.On "Just Because" I sang backing vocals on the bridge.


Coming soon


Jason O'Dea is a person. He sings, plays instruments and uses words. Many people have shared in this wonderful tradition with him.When he is not doing that he is doing other things.Thank you for existing.




On guitar, drums, bass and voice

Well-versed in music theory, ear training, composition and audio production

Both in-person and online lessons offered


Teaching music is a natural passion of mine that I've practiced in many forms both locally and across the country, to both individuals and groups of all ages.Around downriver and Southeast Michigan, I've given lessons directly at students' homes, churches and even parks (when the weather is nice). Not to mention hosting countless open mics and jams.I've worked as a guitar instructor at Mike Carey Music in Wyandotte, MI (2018-2019) and as bandcamp staff for the drumline and pit sections of the Trenton High School (2016-2019).While traveling and performing, teaching has become a regular part of my work as well, having hosted workshops, guided group jams and more at churches, music festivals, intentional communities and to friends and family in their homes throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio and northern Michigan.These experiences have honed my ability to facilitate people of all walks to have fun playing well together while building towards their musical and artistic goals.My approach to teaching is highly adaptive and intuitive, creating personalized exercises and music games that are immediately obtainable and gratifying while also integrating them with more advanced ideas, making learning an enjoyable and almost effortless journey.

Metamorphosis Studios

While a fundamentally self-taught producer, I have benefitted immensely from the teachings of others along the way. I spent many years as a student of Detroit-based producer Greg Wilson, as well as learning from Bryan Beeler at Henry Ford College....and, of course, countless YouTube videos.Here are some notable projects that I have (in part or entirely, check credits) produced in my home studio. Enjoy!

(Instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer)

(drums, mixing, mastering)

Uncle Gael & The Politicians

Production, mixing & mastering

The Bear

(production, drums, bass, mixing & mastering)

(bass guitar)

(drums, harmony vocals, nylon string guitar)

(mixing, mastering, production)

(mixing, mastering, production)

(mixing, mastering)


As a session musician

(drums, electric guitar)

(nylon string guitar, drums)